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Divorce or separation brings huge changes in a family’s structure. Alongside the emotional upheaval from the loss of a relationship there might be fear and uncertainty facing the world without the support of a partner, the possible loss of one’s home due to a change in financial circumstances, worries about how best to support your children and a whole host of other life challenges. With all this going on it is not at all surprising then that most people can think of little else until long after a divorce is finalised. The issues these changes raise mean that many important matters have to be discussed and resolved as effectively as possible within very trying conditions.

J Pease Family Mediation in Bishops Stortford offers a flexible, pragmatic and cost effective solution to the difficulties faced by couples involved in divorce and separation. Where there may be conflict about finances or arrangements for children during a divorce, using a qualified family mediator will enable you to ensure that all decisions made about your future are made you, and not by an officer of the court over which you have little or no influence.

Johnathan Pease has been assisting couples and families since 1996 and has been a Family Mediator in Bishops Stortford professional since 2010. As well as indivdual divorce mediation with couples directly, we offer a Team Mediation service in conjunction with Nockolds Solicitors in Bishops Stortford. Team Mediation is conducted with Carolyn Hanes, Senior Solicitor and Family Mediator of Nockolds Solicitors in Bishops Stortford. An active member of the Herts Family Law Society, J Pease Family Mediation provides a range of Family Mediation, Family Consultancy and Direct Child Consultation services in Bishops Stortford and across Hertfordshire and Essex.

Family Mediation provides a genuine cost effective alternative to expensive, emotionally exhausting legal battles and puts you in charge of your own future.

Please telephone 01279 834467 for a confidential, no obligation discussion about how divorce mediation may be of assistance.

Mediation Services in Bishops Stortford

Personal relationships can break down for almost any reason, and when this happens, it can be hard to know where to turn. Sometimes issues cannot be worked through without a degree of professional support and guidance. The effective mediation services in Bishops Stortford run by highly qualified mediator Johnathan Pease will seek to answer difficult questions and deal with tough circumstances in a direct and pragmatic manner in order to arrange the best possible outcome for all parties involved.

Family Mediation Sessions in Bishops Stortford

Johnathan’s family mediation in Bishops Stortford has helped a great deal of local families to work through their grievances together and develop a brighter future free from further tension and disagreement. Family mediation is generally less disruptive than other arbitration methods, especially for younger people who may feel particularly distressed at the prospect of a break-up.

A Family Mediator in Bishops Stortford

It is a legal requirement to attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting before taking your matters directly to the family court system. As a trusted Family Mediator in Bishops Stortford Johnathan will help you determine whether or not your dispute can be resolved through family or divorce mediation. Though relations may be temporarily fraught with anger and anxiety, it’s important that you choose the right path towards resolution if you and your family are to move on from previous problems.

A family mediator will be able to advise you as to the best course of action depending on your own situation – it may not be necessary to undergo costly legal procedures and you may be able to emerge from mediation services in Bishops Stortford full of a new-found optimism for the future.

Divorce Mediation in Bishops Stortford

If the fair distribution of money and property has become a concern as you go through your separation, your divorce mediator in Bishops Stortford can help you manage finances, divide assets and simultaneously deal with the emotions that are bound to unfold during the settlement process. Inevitably, you will need to decide what happens to larger assets such as the family home, cars and other material goods.

Divorce Mediator Bishops Stortford

Organising a number of sessions with a divorce mediator in Bishops Stortford will be a more affordable alternative to putting yourself, your ex-partner and your children through lengthy court battles as the separation begins to impact on varying aspects of your life. For more information on fees and other considerations, or to book an appointment with a divorce mediator, please call 01279 834467 at your earliest convenience.

Johnathan Pease

Family Mediator · Family Consultant · Direct Child Consultant

Family Mediation for Divorce/Separation can help you resolve:

Separation of marital assets to help you achieve financial certainty

  • What will happen to the Family Home?
  • How to divide assets
  • Financial Support for Family members

Co-Parenting in the Future

  • Who will the children live with?
  • Workable co-parenting plans
  • Managed shared care of the children

Direct Consultation with Children will

  • Help you avoid costly and emotionally devastating court cases for children’s arrangements
  • Ensure that your children do not think that their feelings and needs have been ignored
  • Help to ensure that the best interests of the children are always kept prominent in any discussions about the future

Mediation can also help you resolve

  • Conflict between family members
  • Conflict between young people and parents
  • Step family mediation

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